• Egg Mimosa

    The egg mimosa of Lecoque Eggs Lecoque Eggs’ egg mimosa stays tasty, of good structure and has a longer shelf life thanks to HPP. It is the perfect ingredient for the salad and sandwich industry. HPP doubles the shelf life of cooked, peeled and sliced eggs of Lecoque Eggs up to 48 days. Therefore, Lecoque’s […]

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  • Syros salsas

    Syros’ salsas Fresher than fresh and full of flavor! That is what Syros’s salsas and guacamole are known for. Their motto is clear: HPP = HPP-y food = Happy customers! Fresh tomatoes and avocados processed by Syros are delicate, natural products. That certainly applies to the avocado which is not only delicate but valuable as […]

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