Sloots egg balls

In the North and East of the Netherlands, Sloots’ egg balls are a popular snack. Thanks to HPP this delicacy finds its way to the rest of the Netherlands.

Catering wholesaler Sloots from the Dutch province of Drenthe delivers some 10,000 fresh egg balls per week in its region. The rest of the Netherlands has yet to discover this tasteful snack. Longer shelf life by HPP offers Sloots opportunities. Owner Akie Sloot: “With HPP we extend the shelf life of our egg balls from two to eight weeks. This allows us to bring our typical regional product to the rest of the Netherlands. The extended shelf life is also important for a wholesaler like Sligro who wants to keep them in stock. Pascal Processing processes approximately 1,000 egg balls every four weeks. On the way from South to North, we deliver our fresh products directly to several customers.”