Syros’ salsas

Fresher than fresh and full of flavor! That is what Syros’s salsas and guacamole are known for. Their motto is clear: HPP = HPP-y food = Happy customers!

Fresh tomatoes and avocados processed by Syros are delicate, natural products. That certainly applies to the avocado which is not only delicate but valuable as well. HPP is mild and extremely effective. That is something Syros has known for a long time. Syros is really a precursor and has been working with High Pressure Processing for over ten years. Matthias Boels: “HPP has many benefits for our customers, just as our collaboration with Pascal Processing. We really see Pascal Processing as a business partner. They are open to testing, think along and give good advice. Preferably we would like to bring all our product to market with HPP, but the market is not quite ready for that yet. Maybe in the future. We keep open the option to purchase an HPP machine for ourselves one day.”