Tolling Center for HPP

Pascal Pascal Processing is a certified tolling centre for HPP. We put out a large production for our customers. Your products go through a cycle in one of our Avure HPP machines with a maximum capacity of 100 liters and 800 kilograms per hour.

You determine the run

The price depends on the run (cycle). We follow your instructions closely. Under what pressure and how long a run must be, is entirely up to you, depending on your own hazard and risk analysis. Do you need advice on the best HPP run for your product then of course we are happy to advise. We also conduct regular tests with new products to determine which is the best procedure.

Extra service

Pascal Processing operates in an extensive network of experts in the field of mild preservation, food safety, recipies, packaging and the Pascalization logo program. We gladly give all our customers access to this network. Their fast growing knowledge rapidly enables them to make the right choices and tap into new markets quickly.

The best machines

Pascal Processing puts the newest and most advanced machines of Avure at work for you. The advantages of our latest technical asset you can see in this animation.


At Pascal Processing we strictly monitor the quality of the process on the basis of reports made by the Avure HPP machines and our own quality registration forms. If you bring us chilled products we keep them cooled and monitored.

Suitable products

We treat the following fresh products with the mild food preservation technique pascalization: smoothies, sauces, dips, meat and meat products, ready-made meals, fish, shellfish such as oysters and crusteans such as lobster, crab and shrimp.

Do you want to know what pascalization can mean for your products and market opportunities?

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