HPP gives a longer shelf life

Products with an HPP treatment have a extended shelf life.
Of course, this depends per product, but the extra shelf life can be stretched till 3 a 10 times longer that traditional preservation.

Longer shelf life has many benefits, like:

  • No stress in the logistic chain
  • Efficient production & planning
  • Less food waste; ideal for retailers
  • Enlarging the export radius; the extended shelf life makes it possible to transport your goods to new areas.

Some of our customers use HPP to transport their chilled, fresh products to even Russia or the Middle East. Not via (expensive) aircargo, but via trucks or containerships.

Longer shelf life per product, an indication:

  • (packed) meat/dairy: 120 days
  • Coldpressed juices & smoothies: 60 days
  • dips & spreads: > 60 days
  • shrimps: 21 days
  • wet salads: > 60 days
  • Ready to eat meals: 30 days
  • Soups & sauces: 60 days