Preservation of food

Food needs to be preserved, that’s very logic. Most preservation techniques are based on heat, like pasteurisation, sterilisation or adding preservatives or e-numbers.
The disadvantage of these traditional techniques, is the damage of food nutrition, vitamines and the taste of the product.

What is HPP?

HPP is the new preservation technique from the USA.
At this moment, HPP is the ultimate answer on the worldwide, rising demand for safe food products without heating, without preservatives, without e-numbers or other uglies.
Pure and safe food, thanks to HPP!

How does HPP work?

Packed food, like meat, fish, eggproducts, juices, smoothies, dips and ready-to-eat meals will be put under very high waterpressure. This ultrahigh pressure will inactivate bacteria.
This way of preserving food is fully natural and the food maintains its original nutritional value.

Food safety + extending shelf life

HPP is the answer against listeria, salmonella and E.coli.

Secondly, HPP can extends the shelflife 3 a 10 times. This extra shelflife is mostly used for improving the logistic chain, expanding the export radius and for sustainability purposes like food waste.