HPP, since 2011 in Europe

Pascal Processing brought HPP in 2011 to the Netherlands and is the first & most advanced, full service HPP provider in Europe.
From the beginning, Pascal Processing has chosen for the most ideal customer proposition by giving our customers the best total service solution for HPP. We will help our customers from the start till their succes.

HPP: one meeting gives a complete overview

Integration of HPP will be outlined with our experts so implemention can be fast & good.
Thanks to the many years of experience of our food scientists, a fast & solid track is guaranteed.
What is possible, what is not possible, what does it cost and what are the benefits.
All clear in one meeting.

Complete full service: for big and small companies

Pascal Processing also offers additional services, like labeling, (re)packing, palletizing, storage, orderpicking etc.
With this full service approach, your HPP products